A collection of poems entirely about beer.


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The website is simple, 
the poetry is not, 
the author has been drinking
what some might call 'a lot.'


The Poetry of Beer is the product of being told, “do what you love” enough times to act on it. The book explores beer as an art form, appreciating everything from the range of beer styles to the labels on the bottle. The poetic styles also vary and include pieces such as odes to my favorite beers, drunken haikus, toasts and cautionary tales for the inebriated.

The book is designed to be a fresh and artistic look at the ever-expanding world of craft beer. Cheers!


“The best book of beer poetry I’ve read. Also the worst since, you know, it’s the only book of beer poetry.”

 - New Yorker Poetry Review


“Poetry is lame but it’s all about beer so I guess that’s kinda cool.”

 - Sam’s Mom


“I was intoxicated when I read it. I don’t remember if it was any good.”        

- Beer Advocate Magazine

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Poetry Reading @ MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. Quick feature in the beginning of a wonderful CHEAPTALK Sports video about MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.




A Coffee Table Necessity

In this age of endless tweeting, viral videos, and lightning speed fashion trends that will make your spanx spin, how are you ever going to find something that matters? Something tangible that wouldn't be better suited for the "lost and found" bin of a Sizzler?

The Poetry of Beer is here. Money might not be able to buy you love, but it can buy you this book. And that's pretty close. 


                                                     - Sly Bonner


Contact Sam Wagner at thepoetryofbeer@gmail.com